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The Primary Industries Education Foundation is now known as the Primary Industries Education Foundation Australia or PIEFA (pronounced 'pie-fa'). Following discussions with an organisation with a similar acronym, the Board of PIEFA decided to make this small change.

March newsletter

PIEFA has released its March 2015 newsletter ... read more.

PIEFA Conference has been postponed

PIEFA's Conference "We love food and fibre" planned for June this year has been postponed to the first half of next year. A later date will suit the larger than expected number of attendees and better cater for the range of keynote speakers and presenters planned.

To be held at the fabulous QT Hotel in Canberra, the 2016 PIEFA conference will be a landmark event for food and fibre education drawing both presenters and attendees from a national and international audience. At this stage, speakers from the USA, England, Scotland, Canada, New Zealand and Israel are expected to attend and the Federal Ministers for Education and Agriculture have been invited to open and speak at the conference. Further details including dates will be available soon.



Our website is a one-stop web portal of primary industries resources for schools and the community. The site is searchable by the Australian Curriculum subject areas. We welcome feedback and information about resources that teachers are using and recommend to others. We are keen to promote news and events related to primary industries education via our website.

New learning materials for primary school students launched

PIEF has partnered with Landcare Australia to develop learning materials for primary school students to improve their understanding of where food and fibres come from and how they are produced on farms.

The teaching and learning sequences were launched on 28 November 2014 by former governor general, the national Advocate for Soil Health, the Hon. Major General Michael Jeffery.

They will be available with other Australian Curriculum resources on the online portal Scootle. In addition they are now available via Landcare Australia's website at There are also links to the new materials on Primezone, which is PIEF's web portal to education materials focused on primary industries.

Ahead of developing the complete teaching sequences, Landcare Australia and PIEF recently released a set of five double-page "How To Guides" on topics such as creating a food garden or frog pond, growing plants with natural pesticides and enhancing and restoring habitats.

The teaching and learning sequences build on these topics in straightforward teaching scenarios covering a range of issues related to Landcare. Landcare Australia CEO Tessa Jakszewicz said Landcare was not only concerned with the environment and growing food, but also involved mathematics (how much soil for the garden), science, and community engagement.

PIEF CEO Ben Stockwin said the Foundation worked closely with farming organisations and State and Federal education departments to ensure there was an appropriate coverage of food and fibre included in the curriculum.

Five reasons to choose agriculture as a career

The World Bank has released a report than gives five compelling reasons for youth to choose agriculture as a career ... read more.

PIPS toolkit

PIEFA developed the Primary Industries Partnerships in Schools (PIPS) toolkit to build links between agribusiness and school classrooms and open up a wide range of career opportunities in Australia's primary industries ... go to PIPS toolkit.

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Worrying levels of knowledge about agriculture in schools

A survey released by PIEF shows that student and teacher knowledge of food and fibre production has declined to worrying levels. It reveals that 75 per cent of students thought cotton socks were an animal product and 45 per cent could not identify that everyday lunchbox items such as a banana, bread and cheese originated from farms. The survey is a wake-up call to government says PIEF's Chair, Dr Cameron Archer.

... read media release, read survey. The survey was undertaken for PIEF by the Australian Council for Education Research (ACER) ... read ACER newsletter re the survey.

PIEF acknowledges DAFF, Woolworths and PIEF members Meat and Livestock Australia, Forest and Wood Products Australia, Fisheries Research and Development Corporation, Australian Egg Corporation Limited and Cotton Australia as supporters of the survey.

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